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Working Together to Make the Department of Commerce a More Secure Environment for All


The Office of Security protects personnel, facilities and information by collaborating with key leaders, decision-makers, and stakeholders across all operating units to effectively mitigate security risks throughout the Department of Commerce.


To provide robust services that reduce security risks to Department facilities, information, employees and customers, deliver innovative solutions for emerging threats, and build leading subject matter experts.


Goal 1: Mitigate Threats Through Risk Management & Risk-Based Decision Making
Goal 2: Leverage Technology and Innovative Approaches to Address Emerging Threats
Goal 3: Develop Capacity & Competency in the OSY Workforce
Goal 4: Provide Exceptional Service Delivery and Accountability to Customers

Cultural Hallmarks:

One OSY: Believing and positively contributing to the mission. Putting the organization’s mission above any individual part of the mission.

Collaboration & Cohesion: Working as a team that will stick together to form a solid unit even when there are different opinions to accomplish the mission. A team that solicits input and ideas and communicates openly internally, with management, and with their customers.

Integrity: Being honest and consistent. Doing the right thing no matter what. Having set values and being above board with your actions. Practicing what you preach.

Adaptability: Being willing and able to adjust to any circumstance or situation for positive mission outcome. Having the capacity to be able to handle changing priorities on a daily basis. Making tradeoffs based on informed decision-making.

Security Organization

The Director shall advise and represent the Assistant Secretary on policies and procedures for assessing any threat to the mission, operations and activities of the Department and provide guidance and assistance to Departmental offices and operating units on the protection of personnel, facilities, property, assets and activities as well as classified and sensitive information. Except for those functions maintained in the immediate Office of the Director, the functions of OSY shall be organized and carried out under the direction and supervision of the Director. These functions include Anti-Terrorism, Counterespionage, Continuity and Emergency Preparedness, Investigations & Intelligence and Client Security Services all of which include various key programs.


US Department of Commerce, Office of Security, 1401 Constitution Avenue, NW, Washington, DC 20230
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