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Badges, Keys & Fingerprints

Customer Security Services Office (CSSO)


Building 66, Room 110




Monday to Friday: 7:00AM to 4:30PM

Badges | Fingerprints | Locks & Keys


Who is required to have an identification badge while at the National Processing Center (NPC)?
Access to the NPC is granted to those individuals who work on, or have official business at the NPC.

Are the badges worn at all times?
All Census employees, contractors and visitors, entering the building must exhibit/wear their building pass on the front of their attire between their shoulders and waist. Badges must be displayed at all times while in the NPC.

What is the procedure for badge renewal?
Employees will be notified prior to the expiration of their badge. Details will be given on when and where to report to have the badge renewed. Be prepared to have picture retaken and personal information updated.

What is the procedure if I forget my badge?

To obtain a badge you must report to Security Post 1, Building 66, lobby area B-wing guard post.  You will be required to show a State issued picture I.D. (e.g. drivers license or other State issued picture identification). If you do not have any identification, someone from Human Resources Branch (HRB), CSSO or from your branch will have to verify your identity before a temporary badge will be issued. After confirmation a temporary badge will be issued. This badge must be returned to the nearest guard station at the end of the workday.

If your badge is lost or stolen you will have to get a temporary badge each day for 5 workdays before a replacement badge is issued.  This badge must be turned in at the nearest guard station at the end of the workday. This allows time for the lost or stolen badge to possibly be returned and for you to thoroughly look for the badge. To obtain a temporary badge before 7am, you must report to Security Post 1, Building 66, B-wing guard post.  After hours at the SOC window inside C-wing door.  You are required to show a State issued picture ID, (e.g. drivers license or other State issued picture identification) before a temporary badge can be issued. After you have received a temporary badge for 5 days,

What are the different types of badges used at the NPC?
There are several types of badges used at the Census Bureau. The most commonly seen badges are Temporary Badges and Employee/Contractor Picture Badges. Temporary badges include the following:

Temporary Employee Pass
(Laminated) Different colored daily badges good for one (1) day,
Temporary Visitor Pass – (Paper pass) Good for one (1) day, used for retirement parties.
Temporary Visitor Pass – (Laminated), RED (Sworn In) or BLUE (Not Sworn/Needs Escort) for scheduled visitors at NPC one day or more.
Temporary Contractor Pass, - (Laminated) RED (Sworn In) or BLUE (Not Sworn/Needs Escort) for contractors who forgot their picture badge (RED) or who are working at NPC under 15 days (BLUE).

If you ever have a question as to the validity of a badge, call the Office of Security at (812) 218-3595 or the Security Operations Center (812)-218-3238.

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What is the procedure for fingerprinting?
Contractor fingerprints are taken during normal working hours, (7am-4pm) in Building 66, Room 110.  Appointments are recommended on (Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday), in order to alleviate unavoidable delays, it is recommended that the Contracting Officer Technical Representative (COTR), contact the CSSO to schedule a date and time for obtaining the fingerprints.
Employee fingerprints are taken by Human Relations Branch, Building 66, and Room 113.
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Locks & Keys

Who can get an office key?
Any employee requiring a key to an office must make the request through their Branch Chief, who must submit an e-mail authorization request to “NPC Security Office”. The email must include the room or area for which the key(s) are needed.  Keys will not be issued without this email authorization.  Contractors must make the request through their Contracting Officer Technical Representative (COTR), who must submit an e-mail authorization to “NPC Security Office”.

What Is The Procedure If I Lose My Key?

Lost keys must be reported immediately to the employees Branch Chief and the Branch Chief will email “NPC Security Office”.  The email should contain the circumstances surrounding the loss of the key and efforts made to recover the key.  No replacement key will be issued without this report.  Supervisors may request a replacement key by email to the “NPC Security Office”.

How can I get a key to a different office?
If you require access to an office other than the one you work in, your Branch Chief or COTR will need to submit an e-mail request to NPC Security Office. The request will be processed and your key should be ready within three working days, unless it is an emergency situation.

Do I have to turn the badge and key in when I leave?
Yes!  The employee must return all assigned keys when they are no longer required.  The separation process for employees leaving the NPC is not complete until all assigned keys have been accounted for. The badge and keys are government property and must be returned to the CSSO, Bldg. 66, and room 110. 

What do I do if I become locked out of my office?
You can call x3238 and request to have a guard let you in.
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Last Revised: 11/21/2007

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