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Camera/Camcorder are not permitted on the installation without approval. To be granted permission to bring a camera/camcorder onto the facilities a request must be made by completing form NPC-945 "CAMERA/CAMCORDER REQUEST". The form must be sign by the branch chief of person requesting the pass. Any request from an organization must be approved by Employee Relations and be signed by the Division Chief. The Camera Pass is then submitted to CSS, Building 66, Room 104 for approval by security staff.

All persons issued a camera pass are reminded of their obligation not to photograph or show any Title 13or Title 26 information in any photograph.

Camera passes are issued to individuals and not organizations or branches. Only the person receiving the pass is entitled to use it and make photos.

The camera pass and accompanying paper work must be in the possession of the person it is issued to, at all times when using the camera, and must be produced for inspection to any Security personnel or manager who request to inspect it for validity.

Any suspected violation of Title 13 or Title 26 will result in the confiscation of the film or media device by the Office of Security until such time as it can be established that no prohibited content exist. If it is found that prohibited information has been recorded, the film and or protected media will be destroyed, and the camera pass will immediately be revoked.

Any loss suffered because of the recording of prohibited material will be at the camera pass users expense. If no recorded materials are found to exist, the OSY will replace the roll of film and release the pictures to the owner.

Last Revised: 8/14/2006

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