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NPC Parking Policy

General Parking Rules

Disability Parking


Official Parking Rules


Other Regulations

The following rules pertain to operating and parking vehicles on the installation:
General Parking Rules

  1. Vehicles, except visitor’s cars, parked on the installation must be registered and display a current decal, or a valid temporary hangtag. Parking decals may be obtained in the Security Office, building 66, room 110.
  2. Affix decals where they are clearly visible on the left side of the rear bumper or bottom left side of the rear window. Remove any outdated Census Bureau parking decal that is affixed to vehicle.
  3. Temporary parking permits, valid for up to 30 Days, are available from any guard post.
  4. Park by pulling into spaces (do not back in) and stay within the lines. Back out of parking spaces. Do not pull through parking spaces.
  5. Parking in designated spaces (official, reserved, etc.) without the proper permit will result in a "Notice of Parking Violation."
  6. Visitor spaces have 1 hour parking limits.
  7. Do not leave vehicles unattended with motors running. Remote vehicle starting devices are not allowed at NPC.
  8. Notify the Security Operations Center, extension 3911, if you plan to leave a vehicle on the installation overnight.
  9. Notify the Security Operations Center if you are going to have a car towed from the facility. Only emergency repairs are allowed on the property (battery charged, flat tire, vehicle professionally unlocked, etc.) and the employee must remain with the vehicle. Major repairs are not permitted. If the repairperson must go out of sight of the guard, they must first obtain a building pass from the Security Office.
  10. Notify the Customer Security Services Office, extension 3595, if your license number changes or if you no longer drive the registered vehicle.
  11. Parked vehicles shall not block entrances, driveways, walks, loading platforms, or fire hydrants.
  12. It is strictly prohibited to leave your vehicle unattended while parked on either French Street or Cherry Street, near the west/east courtyards for bldgs. 63/64, for any reason.

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Handicapped Parking

  1. Disabled personnel requesting a handicapped parking permit must submit to the Health Unit, Form NPC-1126, "Application For Handicapped Parking", completed and signed by the employee’s physician (applications are available in the Health Unit, Security Office, or your branch office).
  2. An NPC red parking sticker will be issued to those employees with permanent disabilities who are approved for a handicapped parking space. A state issued handicapped parking permit is not applicable and does not authorize employees to park in a handicapped parking space at NPC.
  3. The Health Unit will review handicapped parking permits on an annual basis.
  4. The Customer Security Services Office will issue a Temporary Handicap parking Permit after notification of approval by the Health Unit.

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Carpools are encouraged in order to reduce traffic congestion and the demand for parking spaces. Carpool participates will be rewarded with designated close-in parking.

  1. A carpool is a vehicle carrying two or more Census employees a minimum of 8 days per payperiod.
  2. All participates of the carpool must complete and sign Form BC-790A, "Application for Carpool Parking Space." This form is available from the Customer Security Services Office in building 66, room 110.
  3. Upon receipt of the carpool application the Security will issue a carpool hangtag to be shared by all the drivers. This hangtag must be displayed on the rear view mirror so that the front is visible from the outside. The hangtag is valid for parking in any space with the "Carpool" designation.
  4. Carpool members must notify the Customer Security Services Office, extension 3531, if there is a change in the status of the carpool members. If the carpool is dissolved, the hangtag must be returned to Security – room 110, building 66.
  5. A carpooler "occasionally" driving alone (other members on AWS, vacation, leave, etc.) may continue to use the carpool parking space.

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Official Parking Rules

  1. Official Parking is permitted for:
    1. NPC employees conducting official business away from their normal worksite.
    2. Contractors who need direct access to their vehicles for equipment and supplies.
    3. Washington visitors who are Assistant Division Chief level or above.
  2. Official Parking Permits are issued by the branch chief’s office to employees on a daily as needed basis.
  3. An Official Parking Permit at an employee´s permanent worksite/building is limited to 1 hour.
  4. Official Parking Permits are color coded by calendar month.

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  1. Violation of parking rules will result in a "Notice of Parking Violation."
  2. Three violation notices within a 6-month period may result in a 30-day suspension of parking privileges.
  3. Parking on the installation, while parking privileges are suspended, may result in disciplinary action and/or having your vehicle towed at your expense.
  4. Employees who feel they have been issued a notice of violation in error may appeal in writing to the Regional Security Officer, Building 66, Room 104, within 3 workdays of receipt of the notice.

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Other Regulations
In addition, the following MUST be observed; violations may subject you to local law enforcement penalties and disciplinary actions:

  1. The speed limit on the installation is 15 miles per hour. Lower speeds are required in pedestrian areas, during inclement weather, etc. Never drive through a crosswalk area until all the pedestrians have cleared the crosswalk.
  2. Firearms, alcohol, narcotics, or other controlled substances are STRICTLY PROHIBITED in vehicles or on your person.
  3. Drivers of all vehicles shall drive in a careful and safe manner and shall comply with the signals, posted signs, and instruction from the guards.

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Last Revised: 8/31/2007

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