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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I park my vehicle at the NPC overnight?
Yes you may. However, you need to notify the Security Operations Center x3238 that you intend to park you vehicle overnight. You should provide your name, permit or license number and make/model/color of your vehicle.

Why do I need to have a parking pass?
Parking at the NPC is controlled due to the number of vehicles that are parked here each day.

Who issues Parking Permits?
The Customer Security Services (CSS) Office, Building 66, Room 110, controls permanent Parking Permits. If you have a parking card on file, CSS can mail your decal through inner-office mail for any replacement or new decals. You can either request a decal by e-mail or phone x3595. Any guard post can issue temporary Parking Permits.

I own a handgun and would like to bring it with me to work. Can I?
No weapon of any kind can be brought onto the NPC! In accordance with Federal Law, weapons of any kind are prohibited. This includes any type of explosive devices and knives. For further guidance see Title 18, United States Code, Section 930.

How do I get a tow truck onto the NPC?
If an employee calls for a tow truck, the employee must escort the truck while it is on the NPC. To ensure the truck is allowed at the NPC, please advise the SOC x3238 that a tow truck will be entering the NPC and that you are the point of contact. Provide your name, branch and phone number.

We are having a party in one of the conference rooms and the food is being catered. Can the caterer bring the food into the NPC buildings?
Not unless the caterer is an NPC employee or NPC contractor. However, the caterer may meet NPC employees at the gate and drop off the food.

Is there one main entrance that large delivery trucks are to use?
Post 11 (off Dutch Lane) has been designated as the entrance where large delivery trucks may safely enter the NPC.

Can I bring a camera onto the NPC and take pictures?
Media personnel require permission and the Public Affairs Specialist (Latoscia Mason x3622) is the point of contact. Personal cameras can be brought into the NPC, if a camera pass/camcorder pass is filled out and approved.

Last Revised: 9/09/2011

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