About the Office of Privacy and Open Government

The Office of Privacy and Open Government (OPOG) is part of the Office of the Chief Financial Officer and Assistant Secretary for Administration (CFO/ASA) and reports to the Deputy Assistant Secretary for Administration. The CFO/ASA’s authority is delegated through Department Organization Order 20-31, Chief Privacy Officer (CPO) and Director of Open Government.





Charlie Cutshall

Senior Agency Official for Privacy (SAOP), Chief Privacy Officer (CPO) and Director of Open Government



OPOG’s functions include:

Open Government

OPOG is responsible for managing the Department’s efforts to operate in a more transparent manner in accordance with the Presidential memorandum of January 21, 2009, on Transparency and Open Government and OMB memorandum number M-10-06, “Open Government Directive” by:

providing more information and data about the Department’s activities to the public in a timely and accessible manner; increasing public participation by using new tools and strategies to encourage input and feedback; expanding collaboration with the Department’s partners, both inside and outside government; and encouraging innovation in identifying methods to make the government more open and efficient, and to save taxpayers money.   

More information at www.Commerce.gov/Open


OG Program

Jennifer Goode, Ph.D


Deputy Director for Open Government and Departmental Privacy Act Officer

Freedom of Information Act

Like all federal agencies, the Department of Commerce generally is required under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) to disclose Department records requested in writing by any person. Likewise, each Commerce Bureau is responsible for processing FOIA requests for the records that it maintains. Consult the DOC FOIA Reference Guide and the List of DOC Components and FOIA Service Centers/Liaisons if you plan to make a FOIA request to the Department of Commerce. Before making a FOIA request, you should first browse Commerce.gov, About the Department of Commerce, Newsroom, the Office of Legislative and Intergovernmental Affairs, and the Electronic Reading Rooms which contain information already available to the public.

More Information about the Freedom of Information Act


FOIA Program

Nicholas Cormier

Deputy Program Director for Departmental Freedom of Information Act, Privacy Act & Open Government Operations


OPOG’s director serves as the Department’s Chief Privacy Officer and is responsible for the development and maintenance of privacy policies, procedures, and guidance essential to safeguarding the collection, access, use, dissemination, and storage of personally identifiable information (PII) and Privacy Act information in accordance with the Privacy Act of 1974, the E-Government Act of 2002, the Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA), and policy and guidance issued by the President and Office of Management and Budget (OMB).

More information about Privacy Programs


Privacy Program

Tahira Murphy

Deputy Program Director for Departmental Privacy and Office Operations



Directives Management

The Departmental Directives System is the primary system for establishing the basic management structure, organizational arrangements, and administrative instructions of the Department of Commerce. The Directives System includes Department Organization Orders (DOOs) and Department Administrative Orders (DAOs).

More information on the Directives Management Program.


Federal Advisory Committees

OPOG provides support for approximately 60 advisory committees in the Department of Commerce, which are established and operated in accordance with the requirements of the Federal Advisory Committee Act (FACA). 

More information on Federal Advisory Committees.


Contact Information


Questions and Comments

Send Questions or Comments on the Commerce Office of Privacy and Open Government programs to CPO@doc.gov.

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