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Purpose and Scope

The purpose of the DOC Web Advisory Council is to serve as a resource, policy development and advisory body to the CIO and Director of the OPA on matters pertaining to the management, use, and security of Commerce's Web presence and enabling technologies.

In that role, the Web Advisory Council will promote collaboration across the Department to ensure that data quality, IT accessibility, IT security, privacy and the effective relay of public information is built into every Commerce Website and Web-enabled application.

Tasks and Responsibilities

The Web Advisory Council is responsible for:

    • Providing recommendations to improve the management and use of the DOC Web presence and enabling technologies that incorporate the consideration of mission needs and IT security risks;
    • Reviewing and periodically updating existing DOC Web policies;
    • Developing new DOC Web policies when necessary;
    • Reviewing and recommending decisions on requests for accounts for approved social media services to the DOC Director of New Media;
    • Reviewing and recommending decisions on requests for new top-level domains to the DOC CIO;
    • Developing and skills, knowledge, best practices, ideas and solutions for Web developers and content managers;
    • Ensuring that DOC websites are in compliance with Web and communications policies set forth by the DOC and the OMB;
    • Supporting FISMA compliance reporting.

As needed, the Department's OCIO and OPA refer issues that fall within the scope of this charter to the Web Advisory Council for consideration, feedback and recommendation.

In addition, the Web Advisory Council is empowered to use its resources affirmatively for the development of issues that fall under its jurisdiction and which are important enough to raise to the level of appropriate officials.

The Web Advisory Council co-chairs will brief the DOC CIO and Director of OPA upon request and keep them informed of its activities and plans as required.  Annually, the co-chairs will brief the Department's CIO and Director of OPA on the status of its work, plans, recommendations, accomplishments, and suggest revisions, if any, to the charter. The co-chairs may also brief other DOC organizations upon the request of the council's co-sponsors.

The Web Advisory Council exists and serves under the authority and at the discretion of the Department of Commerce Chief Information Officer and the Department of Commerce Director of the Office of Public Affairs.


Department of Commerce Web Advisory Council (WAC)
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