Content Management


Web sites of Department of Commerce organizations shall be related to the mission, goals, and objectives of the Department and be subject to appropriate management controls.


All Department of Commerce Web sites, including intranet sites not available to the public.


To ensure and maximize the quality of information on Department of Commerce Web sites.



Deadline for Implementation:

February 18, 2003.


DOC Web pages are viewed by the public and employees as being the official position of the Department and have a high degree of visibility. It is imperative that Web content be overseen by management to ensure its quality, relevance to the agency’s mission, and that it is delivered in a usable and accessible form.

The head of each Department of Commerce organization is ultimately responsible for the content on Web sites of his or her organization and for its delivery. Therefore, managers should establish guidelines for the approval of Web content and its delivery.


Revision History:
October 1, 2008:
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July 17, 2008: Reviewed by WAG.

February 18, 2003: Approved.

Department of Commerce Web Advisory Council (WAC)
U.S. Department of Commerce

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