Required Administrative Links


DOC Major Web Sites (Definition) must include the following links:

  1. A link, called FOIA, to information made available under the Freedom of Information Act.  The FOIA link can be either to the Department's FOIA web site or to the Operating Unit's FOIA website.
  2. A link to the Web site Privacy Policy (as required by the Web policy on Privacy Policy Statements and Information Collection);
  3. A link to;
  4. A link, called Information Quality, to the Department's or the Operating Unit's (as appropriate) Information Quality Guidelines;
  5. A link, called either "About Us" or "About [Your Operating Unit or Line Office]," or "About DOC," to a page with links to the following :


All Department of Commerce Major Web Sites.


This policy implements "Policies for Federal Public Websites," issued by the Office of Management and Budget on December 17, 2004



Deadline for Implementation:

December 16, 2005


Two sample About Us pages have been provided.  

Under other policies and laws, links to FOIA, Information Quality, the Privacy Policy, and USA.Gov are required to be directly on all Major Web Site home pages (defined here) regardless of whether they are also placed on the About Us page.  For completeness, it is recommended that they be provided also on the About Us page (as in variation two).  In addition, the Privacy Policy link must be on all pages which are major points of entry and any page where personally identifiable information is collected


Revision History:
August 25, 2008: Implemented revisions as approved by WAG.
February 6, 2008:
Corrected Formatting.
September 14, 2005: Approved. This policy combines two previously-existing policies with new OMB requirements relating to links, thus creating a single multi-part policy on required links. The two unchanged and incorporated previously-existing policies are: Links to DOC Home Page and Links to Organizational Home Pages

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