Links to Organizational Home Pages


Any home page maintained by or for a Department of Commerce organization shall include a navigational link to the home page of a higher level organization within its hierarchy.


All Department of Commerce Web sites.


To establish a series of navigational links that will eventually lead the user to the home page of one of the organizations listed in Links to DOC Home Pages.



Deadline for Implementation:

Certification due June 21 annually, beginning in 2001.


This policy establishes a chain of navigational links that leads from the home page on the lowest level Web site within the Department of Commerce all the way to the home page of the Department of Commerce. The implementation of How the series of links will flow is left to the organizations designated in Policy 1. This policy applies only to home pages (as defined in the Definitions) and the format for the links is left up to the individual Operating Units to decide (e.g., text link, image/buttons, image maps).

Scope Issues: This policy does not apply to interagency Web sites, Web sites of which Commerce is only a co-sponsor or contributor, or to Web sites hosted for non-Department of Commerce organizations.


Revision History:
February 6, 2008: Corrected formatting.
June 9, 2000: Approved.

Department of Commerce Web Advisory Council (WAC)
U.S. Department of Commerce

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