Web Site Contact Information


Every Web site of a Department of Commerce organization shall provide an electronic method for comments, inquiries and accessibility issues.


All Department of Commerce Web Sites, except intranet sites not available to the public.


To ensure that users of Commerce Department Web sites are provided a way to contact the organization.



Deadline for Implementation:

Original Implementation Date: August 11, 2000.
Implementation Date for Accessibility amendments: June 21, 2001.


It is important that the users of our Web sites have a quick and easy way to provide comments and submit inquiries.

Although this policy requires that an electronic method for receiving comments and inquiries must be provided to the user, it is not intended to discourage also providing a phone number, facsimile number, TTY or postal address as an additional method of contacting the Web site owner.


Revision History:
8/28/2008 :Implemented revisions as approved by WAG.
8/22/2008: Amended
6/9/2000: Approved

Department of Commerce Web Advisory Council (WAC)
U.S. Department of Commerce

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