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The Chief Information Officer (CIOs) listed in the scope below shall certify annually to the Department's CIO that all Web sites of their organization comply with the Department's Web policies, located at If any deficiencies exist, the certifying CIO shall provide a plan to bring the Web sites into compliance. The Department's CIO will determine whether the proposed approach is acceptable, and retains the authority to shut down any site for non-compliance.


All Department of Commerce Web sites, including internal sites not available to the public, as certified by the Chief Information Officers of the Operating Units listed below:

Office of the Secretary
Bureau of the Census
National Institute of Standards and Technology
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
Bureau of Industry and Security
National Telecommunications and Information Administration:
Economic Development Administration
National Technical Information Service
Economics and Statistics Administration
Office of the Inspector General
International Trade Administration
Patent and Trademark Office
Minority Business Development Administration


To ensure that Web sites of Department of Commerce organizations comply with Department Web policies.



Deadline for Implementation:

A certification data call is issued at least two months before certification is due.

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